Connected Healthcare

Topicus is constructing a generic common workspace engine to create a new visionary connected healthcare platform®: The Topicus connected healthcare platform, VIP

In order to break the fragmentation cycle in healthcare, we recognize the need to 1) involve the patient in their own care process with blended care and smart technology; 2) optimize collaboration between healthcare professionals and the patient; and to 3) focus on the quality and value of the delivered care and maximize transparency in financing. With our unique common workspace approach, we strive to contribute towards a (better) balanced healthcare system via the Topicus Connected Healthcare Platform.

In order to optimize healthcare for the patient and the population as a whole according to the quadruple aim, Topicus takes on the challenge to operate in the middle of the stakeholder care triangle (figure 1). We aim to connect the stakeholders in this triangle whilst integrating a range of healthcare innovations. We strive to move healthcare forward by focusing our strategy on three fundamental key values:

  • Client involvement: using smart technology to enable people to take on an active role in staying healthy and working towards their own recovery and keeping healthy
  • Collaborative healthcare: facilitating professionals to offer integrated care around the needs of the client
  • Value Based Funding: providing secure access to data and information which in turn facilitates transparency in financing and the quality of delivered care

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